Four Steps to Mastering 
Publishing and Motherhood

This guide will help you understand what fits into your life so you can fill your life with more...

 Becoming a mother transformed my life, leaving me feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and often sidelining my creative passions. It was only when I seized control of my life and schedule that I found the perfect balance between my writing, family time, and nurturing my identity beyond just being a mom. Embrace the harmony of authorship and motherhood with my expert guidance.
Hi, I'm Katlyn Duncan, an award-winning author with a decade's experience in both traditional and indie publishing.

When motherhood came along, it turned my world upside down—too much work, too little creativity. But I found a way to balance it all—my writing, my family, and me as an individual.

Let's journey together, as I show you how to seamlessly blend authorship and motherhood.

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